Mi Park


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Where are my arms

Where are my tentacles 

My neurons extend across the borderless depth of the water

I’m sorry we didn’t recognize the diminishing lights

But who am I to remind you the ephemerality 

The disposability

The bleakness of it Has anyone seen my tentacles?

I know where they are 

I can feel where I am

But I can’t seem to [shrug] relate 

The reasoning,

Is there a point for me to reiterate the question?

When the important thing is, as we all know, 

Whereabouts of my tentacles?

I’m a royal parasite 

Parasite somehow made to the top of the foodchain 

The ones that only feeds off of others

No giving back

Just take


I would happily be the parasite of the land lovers

Has anyone seen my tentacles?

 Oh I forgot. 

How silly